Friday, August 2, 2013

August 2, 2013

     Good morning. Yesterday we went to help set up for the church yard sale. There is a lot of stuff. My church has been having yard sales for as long as I can remember. It helps support the finances of the church and also provides low cost good quality clothing and other products to the community. Usually we have the yard sale two to four times a year. It was always a fun and exciting time when I was a kid. Now as an adult I realize how much work, hard work, it is to put on this yard sale. My cousin and niece are there working now and Mom and I will go up around lunch and take there orders and go get them something to eat and give them a chance to take a break. Mom always use to work the sale but now it would be impossible. She was with us yesterday while setting up, it is all way to stressful and confusing to her now. But she does enjoy being out and about with other people and feeling helpful and useful. Everything she seen she wanted. I think when we got home she had bought a doll baby, a wind up musical toy, an angel, and a Christmas tree bulb. When we got home with all her goodies she asked me what she was suppose to do with all that stuff, like I am the one who wanted it all. Oh well if it makes her happy then its all good.
     Seed of the month club update. I got my seeds!!!! Yes it am so happy. It was like getting  a Christmas present in August. I got some seeds that I didn't need or want but it is nice to have any seeds, non-gmo seeds. The seeds I got are radish, carrot, corn salad, beet, lettuce, corn, rhubarb, and mint. Plus every month I will receive four more seed packs. So by next spring I will have several new seeds to plant. To me this is exciting.
     Now I must go get some things done. Have a good day.

                                                              April Whitehair

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