Thursday, May 2, 2013

Gardening Again

     Good morning. I slept in late this morning. We worked hard in the garden yesterday and finally got that shopping trip done. And yes we bought a couple strawberry plants. So now with the two new strawberry plants and all the seeds that are just getting started we should have a good amount of strawberries to harvest and a bigger strawberry bed than we planed. Got all the rest of the plants and seeds planted except for the beans. I hope to get them in the ground this morning. But I did make a trellis out of string for the beans to grow up. Hope it actually works. With the amazing seed pack  that I had started over a month ago I was able to plant over ninety cucumber plant and still had  some to give my sister for her garden. The bell peppers seeds that I started still have not started. It maybe a lost cause on those. but I am still trying to be patient.
     Last fall I had seen on pintrest painted rock garden markers. So I had painted them and yesterday I wrote on them the name of each plant and clear coat over that. And placed them beside each plant area. I must say that they are so beautiful.
     I have been thinking about canning. If the garden does as good as it could what am I going to do with all that produce? I have never canned before but it may be a good idea. I have been researching it and will have to buy a caner. Not sure if I can justify the cost. I have a lot of jars from when my mom use to can in the past. So we will see. Maybe I will ask for a pressure caner for my birthday in August.
     I would like to hear your thoughts on canning and if you think it would be a good investment.
                                                                                     April Whitehair

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