Thursday, May 16, 2013

Yes I fell in the creek!

     Good morning. It is rainy outside, hope all the plants are enjoying the morning drink of rain. So I didn't get everything planted yesterday that I had planed to. My wonderful husband decided to take a nap yesterday afternoon and didn't wake up till after 8 pm. He got all the areas tilled and ready for me to plant but it got to dark on me. Hoping to get the bell pepper plants and sunflower seeds in the ground today.
     We did get the watermelon plants in the ground. There is a nice sunny spot on the other side of the creek behind the house that I thought would be a great place for them. On the way back across the creek I slipped on a slippery rock and the rock I tried to right myself on was even more slippery than the first and down I went. My entire right side landed hard on the rock bottom of the creek. My right hand went up under a big rock, which I quickly pulled out. Glad that a snake wasn't under that rock or he would have thought my fingers a tasty snack. And yes my husband laughed at me. I would have laughed if I was him. I laughed at my self. But this morning I am sore. My fingers are all stoved up. And one knuckle is swollen. Hip, ankle, wrist, elbow, hand and shoulder are stiff and hurting. But hopefully I will be able to work out all the stiffness while cleaning this morning.
     Mom has one big cardinal that shows up to her new bird feeder and stays and eats for a long time. But he is the only one I have seen to stop by. Hope more birds find the feeder. Mom loves to watch the birds.
     I have around 4 green bean plants starting to grow. Hopefully more will pop up out of the ground after this rain. I am so excited about these. I have been waiting so long for them to grow. I replanted the baby strawberry plants in a wooden planter box. I think they are to small to put in the ground. I will let them grow bigger and stronger in the planter box before they get put in the ground.
     Have a great day.

                                                            April Whitehair

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