Friday, May 10, 2013

Prepping = Hoarding?

     Good morning. I am very sleepy today. The coffee hasn't kicked in yet. Everyone is awake and wanting to talk to me. I am having a hard time thinking about writing again. I seen somewhere yesterday where someone was planning to build one of those off grid small homes in their back yard. To be used as a get-away or back up home. At first I thought that's crazy because why would you spend so much money on a tiny house and solar and everything, for it to be just a get away in your back yard. But now after thinking about it over night I think I want one. Please! It would be a great place to go to in the morning for some quiet time to write and a great place to have if something bad ever happened to your regular home, like a fire. But knowing me it would turn into storage. I don't have enough room to build even a small house in my yard. I already bought a 8x10 metal storage building that I am waiting to build to store all the stuff my husband and I have stored in the old house next to our house when we move into my Mom's house. All our stuff wouldn't fit with all Mom's stuff already here and it had to go somewhere. But definitely needs moved, that old house is about to fall in and I would like to get the stuff out before it does.  So the goal of spring was to build the new building in the back of the driveway, the only place we can find to put it. But no one else but me seems to be in a hurry to get the project going. I am waiting for my sister to move her old broke down car out of the drive way before I can put down gravel. Yet again another time where I get to practice patience. And I seem to always be working on that character quality. I just hope that all the junk we have will fit in that building. I am a minor hoarder. I definitely have the hoarding gene. Last summer I went through all of it an got rid of half. Some went to the church for their rummage sale and some was tossed out. But now I still think there is to much. I think we are a culture of hoarders. I believe it is proof of rampant materialism. And in my walk to be closer with Jesus I would like to work on being so materialistic. I have stuff that I don't need and will never use so why do I keep it? But with this prepping mind set that I am in that may lead me to hoarding but as long as I am smart about it and honest with my self I may be able to prep without hoarding on to large of a scale. I am not sure, is prepping = hoarding? But I guess it is hoarding of different things, useful things. Am I just making excuses?

                                                                        April Whitehair

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