Saturday, May 11, 2013

Little House on the Prairie

     I am awake way to early this morning. My wonderfully rotten cat Itsy Bitsy woke me up with the loudest meow about an inch from my face this morning. So I got up to see what his problem was and all four cat food bowls were empty. My poor starving babies! Anyways they are all fed and happy now. But I cant go back to sleep. Mom woke up and had an accident so that's always lovely first thing in the morning. She is all taken care of and back in bed.  All is good in my house.
     We have had a lot of rain the last couple of days. Yesterday evening the lights flickered off a couple of times. And that always puts me in the prepper mood. I was running around running extra water and setting out buckets to catch rain water. I have learned that you can never have to much water in the event of an power outage. We live in the country and do not have running water when the electric is out. But we are lucky because we have a gas cook stove so we can cook but the stove needs electric to use the oven so we can only cook on the stove top. But that is better than those who have all electric cook stoves and heat. We have gas heating so even in the winter we can stay warm if there is a power outage.
     I always get obsessively addicted to tv shows. I find a show that I like and just want to watch every episode over and over till I find a different one that I get addicted to. Its always one of those 30 minute series. Once I was hooked on Coach and then it was King of Queens, and on and on. They are usually older shows that are replayed frequently. The show that I am hooked on now is Little House on the Prairie. I use to watch it years ago and I remember watching it as a kid and thinking that I would love to live during that time. It all seemed so simple. Today I watch it and it gives me ideas for prepping. Those were real Americans(I know it was just a show) who lived without electric or gas. They used wood for heat and cooking. They hunted for their meat. They canned and made their own bread and sewed their own clothes. They respected the Lord and each other. Children were children. Clothing was modest. Life was humble. I think this is the ideal life for those who want to be off the grid, like me and many others.
     Sometimes this show gives me good ideas and things to think about. And ways to do things that I never really thought about. I had read somewhere on a prepper website about not being able to do it all for your self if/when SHTF happens. And I did not give it much thought but watching that show showed me that community is needed. Someone plants one thing someone else plants another and they trade some of each and they both have what they need. I know I cant grow everything that my family would need, a community of like minded people is a must.
     Another area of emergency that I had never thought of was what if there was an outbreak, a contagion of some sort, a plague to where we would not be able to leave your home. Could you provide for your family if you could not reach out for help? Would you stay at home and survive or would you risk getting infected and infecting your family if  you did not already have on hand the supplies you would need to survive? With today's bio warfare and super bugs this is a real possibility. We owe it to ourselves and family to consider the possibility and plan for all of them.

                                                                              April Whitehair

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