Friday, May 17, 2013

     Good morning. So I have yet to plant the bell pepper plants or the sunflower seeds. It rained a lot yesterday and I also seen the Farmer's Almanac tweets that yesterday and today are bad days to plant according to the moon phase. Not sure about all that but I don't want to hurt my baby plants in any way so I guess I am waiting. Or I may get to impatient and plant them today we shall see.
     Mom's bird feeder is possessed or something. Yesterday it was flipped up around the tree branch and all the seed was dumped out. I assumed it was the wind from the thunder storm that caused that so I refilled it and put it back up. This morning the roof is off and the see through side is lifted up about half way and all the seed is on the ground. So it is either possessed or a squirrel has found it or that big cardinal wanted more seed than it was putting out. But the cardinal showed up a little bit ago and chirped and chirped at me, he wants more bird food, sorry guy you will have to wait. Going to move it to the porch and see how it does there.
     A quick walk around the yard this morning showed that all the plants enjoyed the rain yesterday. The peas have grown an inch at least. And we now have ten green beans starting to grow. I love to see all the plants get bigger and stronger because that means that my family will have full bellies come harvest.
     I have been thinking a lot about planting some fruit trees. Not sure what kinds yet, maybe apple and peach. I do have seeds for both in pots trying to grow them. But it will take along time to grow from a seed. May just have to buy some trees and plant them.
     I am still sore from my fall in the creek the day before yesterday. My right index finger wont bend all the way and is swollen and a little green. I so wish I had a bridge to get across the creek. I know that I will not be checking on those watermelon plants until I can see watermelons growing.  I don't know how I am going to carry them back across the creek after I harvest them. Maybe I will make a temporary bridge for harvest time.
     Have a good day.

                                                              April Whitehair

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