Thursday, May 30, 2013

RIP Baby Strawberry Plants

     Good morning. I am having my first cup of coffee this morning. I recently bought Chock Full of Nuts brand of coffee. I use to drink it years ago. And thought it would be a nice change from the normal Folgers or Maxwell house coffee. The new coffee was more expensive but I waited till I had a coupon before I bought it. I only make it when I am awake early, before anyone else in the house is up. I just love it.  A quiet house, birds chirping outside, and a good cup of coffee. I don't have one of those new k cup coffee machines. I don't see buying something new when what I have works just fine. I don't have that feeling that I need to keep up with the Joneses. I am blessed with all I have am glad for it.
     Well after all the work I have put into the baby strawberry plants I have now killed over half of them. Even after my cat laid on them and I stuck sticks in the box to prevent anymore cats laying on them I put them out in the sun and forgot about them yesterday and when I remembered them over half were cooked. It makes me so sad. I tried so hard to keep them alive. I had started them from seed along time ago and they were so small still. The ones that are left I hope will make it. If they do they will be the strongest strawberry plants ever. 
     The store bought strawberry plants that are planted outside that have strawberries ripening continue to be eaten by something. We need to get some kind of net to put around them. It doesn't look like birds but maybe small rodents are eating them. I am not sure what to do for them.
     Well I need to go get my day started. I have a lot of cleaning to do. Have a good day.

                                                                         April Whitehair

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