Sunday, May 19, 2013

Happy Garden Happy Me

     Good morning. Just checked on the garden this morning and everything has grown so much, I am so proud of all the progress. On the 17th the farmers almanac said not to plant, well I planted half of my bell pepper plants about 26 of them and this morning I count 10 that are still alive. That is over half that have died. So maybe the farmers almanac was right. I am not to concerned because I have another 30 waiting to be planted. The cucumbers are doing well. I planted around 90 and about 30 are still alive. But I did plant those close together and nature selected the strongest to survive and also my cats played and rolled on and killed most of them. Still 30 cucumbers plants are a lot. The peas are doing excellent, they are getting so big. I have about 13 green bean plants starting to grow. The tomato plants are getting bigger by the day and so are the banana pepper plants. The two store bought strawberry plants are doing ok. The strawberry plants that I started from seed are so small. I had to plant them in a flower box and try to let them grow and get bigger and stronger before I plant them in the ground. They seem to not be growing, they are still so tiny, I really don't think they will be big enough to produce strawberries this year. The watermelons on this side of the creek are doing ok but I don't know about the ones on the other side of the creek because I am not going to cross it to check, I don't want to fall in again. My lettuce is doing good, the leaves are over an inch tall already.
     I heard a deer snort last night right outside my window and I had to go outside in the dark in my socks to protect my garden. I think I scared him away when I came out the door. I am definitely not stealthy! Anyway garden is safe for now.
     Of all the flower seeds of mom's that I had found and planted only two are growing. I don't know what they are but at least I gave them all a chance to grow. None of her Cosmo flower seeds have started to grow and that is so sad. She had those for as long as I can remember. Plant, grow, harvest seeds, store, plant the next year. Now they are gone. I could just go buy some seeds but they would not be from the same seeds that I picked as a child. I am getting sentimental in my old age.
     Mom's twin sister and niece stopped by to see her yesterday. And what a nice visit we had. It is so strange how they are identical twins and now look nothing alike. Also she has no signs of Alzheimer's and you know how bad mom is getting. They were able to reminisce about their childhood. Some of those things she can still remember.
     Have a good day and go outside and enjoy all the lovely things that nature has to offer.

                                                              April Whitehair

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