Tuesday, May 21, 2013

     Good morning. Not feeling well this morning. I think it is the lack of sun, its so cloudy today. Seems gloomy and sad out. The recent events in Oklahoma should have everyone thinking about disaster preps. Also it you have all you supplies stocked in your home and something happens to your home what will you do? That is something I will be thinking about for several days to come.
     My garden is doing good this morning. Except for the long awaited bean plants have been a snack for some sort of bug. Since I did not plant only organic veggies I used Seven Dust spray to help get rid of those pesky bugs. I was looking for lime dust but could not find any. Gotta do what you gotta do to protect your veggies. I hope that next year I can plant all organic but I did not think of that when buying my seeds this year.
     I think my husband has already left to go play golf. He did not leave me a note. He usually does. But I think he might have told me while I was sleeping. I don't know. I was asleep!
    I am currently planning a grocery shopping trip. I try to go once a month to Kroger and go to the local IGA for bread and extras through out the month. It has been over a month since I went to Kroger. I go to Kroger because I use their card and can add digital coupons to the card and also use paper coupons. I am not an extreme couponer. I just like to save money on the things I usually buy. I don't buy things I don't need or use just to use a coupon. I buy one newspaper every Sunday and cut those coupons, and I use printable Internet coupons. Last time I went grocery shopping I saved $50 on $200. Not bad. I just don't understand the people who do extreme coupon, I have to think that they are paying for those coupons, newspapers cost money, and those coupon clipping services cost money. Are they factoring in that cost when doing the totals saved? Also you would have to think of the cost of paper and ink if you are using printable Internet coupons. I do believe that coupons are like money but it is a waste if you are spending more money on things you would not normally buy or things you don't even like.
     When I go grocery shopping I buy a few extra cans to put in my emergency stock. I am just a beginner so I don't have much. I have about half a month food supply for the three of us in my home. I have been focusing on canned goods. Cans that expire at least a year away. I use from this stock when needed but replace it on the next shopping trip. I try to buy a few extras every time. I am on a budget so I cant spend a lot of money all at once to build an emergency stock. But the way I think of it is each can in a one more day for one person. I have never bought MREs and I don't plan to. And freezer food is useless during a power outage.
     Have a good day.

                                                                   April Whitehair

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