Thursday, May 9, 2013

Good Boy, Lucky!

     Good morning. Finally a normal morning. The last couple days I have woke up latter than usual and Mom and my husband were already awake. They are both distracting when I am trying to write. I like mornings to be peaceful and quiet. That way I can think when I write.
     Yesterday's hero of the day in my house was Lucky my Mom's dog. Mom yelled for me and said that Lucky was acting strange and that he was. He was going crazy acting like he was going to attack the books on the book shelf. So I knew that there was something in those books that wasn't suppose to be there so I yelled for my husband to help. I know that when I yell for him he thinks oh no what crazy thing is she wanting me to do now. I think he thought I was crazy for asking him to move those books but being a good husband like he is he started taking books off the shelf. And surprise it was a chipmunk! Yes a wild, scared chipmunk in the house. My husband picked him up by the tail and tossed him out the door. Yes I know what you are thinking, sounds like my husband was the hero in that story but he is always the hero. Let the dog have his day. If  Lucky had not let us know there was something there its hard to tell when we would have noticed them. He could have jumped out of the bookshelf and landed on my Mom when she was watching tv and gave her a heart attack. So way to go Lucky!!!! He was treated like I hero for the day. With that being said the trouble maker of the day would have to be Itsy Bitsy, my cat. Just yesterday I had posted my appreciation for my cats' hunting ability to get rid of mice. Well Itsy Bitsy brought home his catch but it was still alive and let it go in the house. Normally they bring home dead mice, moles, or chipmunks and leave them on the back door steps as a gift for me and to brag, I think.
     A follow up on a project I worked on last year then finished this year. The painted rocks for garden plant markers was a major fail. The paint I used was old inside house paint and spray paint then I wrote on them the names of the plants with permanent marker then sprayed them with clear coat. And placed them in the garden. After a couple days the sun bleached out the permanent marker. So now all I have is very pretty colored rocks in my garden. Guess I should have painted the names on the rocks but lesson learned.
     Have a good day.

                                                            April Whitehair

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