Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Strawberries ! ! !

     Good morning. Gardening day yesterday was canceled because my husband thought the ground needed a day to dry and he got a call from a friend who wanted to play golf. So he went and played. It don't bother me that he goes golfing. Some wives complain. I think it is good for both people in the relationship to have hobbies and activities separate from each other. It allows you to get away and recharge, relax and have good adult conversations with others. And going to work doesn't count. Sometimes I go to a lecture that the local university puts on, sometimes I go shopping(I love the goodwill and dollar stores), almost every week I go to church, and sometimes I go for a walk in the woods around my house. All of these things recharge me. I need these outings all by myself.
     So with this one day delay on planting and shopping for needed plants I noticed this morning that I have about twelve strawberry plants starting to grow from seed. I have been impatiently waiting for them to grow and had seriously planed on purchasing a couple strawberry plants it I would have went shopping yesterday. So maybe it was a good thing the shopping trip was delayed by a golf game. My bell peppers have not started yet and I have already got impatient and bought I second pack of seeds and planted them. So either they are bad seeds or I will have way to many when they start. I love to grow things and to harvest my garden. It gives me that good feeling that I grew something and can feed my family.
       So I am off to work in the garden and hopefully we wont get distracted today.
                                                                                April Whitehair

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