Thursday, May 23, 2013

Guns and weeds.

     Good morning. Only on my first cup of  coffee so I am still not fully awake. Rain rain rain! All the plants have surely got a good drink. Now if it would dry up so I could get outside to do something it would be great.
     So glad to let you know that the car that was in my drive way, blocking the progress of building the storage building is finally gone. Happy happy happy! But now it is all on me. I have to get rid of all those weeds before getting gravel poured. I have tried to use vinegar it looked like it was going to work but it didn't. All the brown grass and weeds are now green again. So by my experiment vinegar does not work as a large area weed killer. My hubby bought me some weed killer so if it ever stops raining I hope to kill some weeds.
     Did some target practicing yesterday. And I am a good shot, that's according to my husband. I always have been, it is hereditary. My soap box today is kids and guns. I was raised with guns in the house. Actually my dad had several guns in an open gun rack in his bedroom. I was taught from before I can even remember that you NEVER touch a gun unless dad is with you and even then only when he tells you to. It was ingrained in my brain before I could even talk or walk. And the deep respect of guns is still present today. Guns for me was never a toy. Even skeet shooting which was so fun as a kid and now as an adult was taken very seriously. Respect the gun. Though I mean no disrespect for those that do, I don't believe that children should plan with toy guns. If gun education is not taught and understood by children then they have no business playing with a toy gun. How do they differentiate between toy and real. If the child thinks sponge bob is real will they think a real gun is a toy? Even though at anytime when I was a child,  my sisters or I could go in and touch dads guns we knew not to even lay one finger on them and it wasn't because we would get our butts beat, that did not happen in our home, it was out of respect for dad and his guns. Even if you do not have guns in you home it is your responsibility to educate your children on what to do if they see a gun. Have a plan and teach it often. I wont even get into the whole violent video game conversation now. And how it is teaching children the exact opposite of what they should be learning.  Hum I will step off my soap box now.
     Seriously thinking of getting a pistol for self protection. Not sure what kind. Also thinking of getting a concealed weapons permit. But I hate the idea of getting a license from the government. Not sure how the info of me having a concealed weapon could be used against me in the future. That is something I will have to do some research on. What are your thoughts on this? Do you know any good web sited I could visit to educate myself on the positives and negatives of concealed weapons permits?
     Have a good day.

                                                             April Whitehair

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