Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I got a new book.

     It is morning again. Just did my morning walk through the garden with my husband and Bob, one of our cats. Everything is growing. My husband said that the reason that most of the bell pepper plants died is because I transplanted them when they were to little. So the others that I haven't planted in the garden yet, I transplanted into a flower box planter. Its easy to move it around and protect the baby plants from being in direct, hot, sunlight and hard rain. And so far they are doing well. The baby strawberry plants that I planted in a flower box are doing ok until one of my cats walked through it. I think only a couple got stepped on.
     I have been wanting to build our prepper/survival library. I have two old farming books that are good. But I wanted to add more information to our resources. So first I have to complain about Barnes and Noble. I found a new book from their web site and ordered it. The next morning I received an email saying my order had been canceled. After a chat with them I found out that they were sold out that's why the order was canceled. Also I found out that the book that I ordered was actually a used book. The description was condition new. So shouldn't that mean new. It did not say new-like. I was very upset. Anyway the thought of this book drove me crazy and I just had to have it. So after searching two different book stores with no luck my husband took a trip to a book store far far away and found it for me! He called me from the parking lot and told me he had it and I waited and waited for him to get home with it. It felt like waiting for Christmas morning. I got the book it is The Encyclopedia of Country Living, the 40th Anniversary Edition. I love it. I couldn't put it down last night. It has everything you could think of when living in the country and off the land. Also my husband found a book for himself about survival. I am so happy that he is getting involved in prepping. He looked at his book for a long time last night also. Books are a good resource for information. In the event of SHTF and there is no power you wont be able to get on the Internet or computer to look at all the information you have saved. Even e-reader types wont work after the battery dies. Having these books makes me feel a lot more prepared to deal with anything that may come. Also it will help with gardening and a few other things now.
     Have a good day. I am off to read a book.

                                                                          April Whitehair

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