Wednesday, May 15, 2013

     Good morning. I was awake part of the night, just not able to sleep, so I am waking up a little later that usual. My wonderful husband woke up early and set out the baby plants already. He has already left to play golf. I am glad he has a hobby that he enjoys. He needs some me time also. I actually walked into the laundry room to check on the plants and they were gone and I thought that he either set them outside already of they gave up waiting on me to plant them and ran off.  But I found them outside getting some morning sun. They will have to get planted today they are growing out of their pots! And I am running out of room to plant.
     Today's research will be on proper seed drying and storing. Of all the seeds that I saved from last years harvest only the watermelon seeds have grown. I will have to look into the proper way to save the seeds from this years harvest. I must have done something wrong but not sure. I think I will have build a dying tray with screen. Um, honey-do-list for sure!
     I am trying to get rid of grass and weeds that have grown up all over the driveway in preparation for the gravel being poured soon. I sprayed a gallon of vinegar all over it yesterday morning and this morning maybe only a couple of leaves have died. I will spray it down with vinegar one more time and if that does not work I will have to go buy some weed killer. Not to happy about that but I have to do something.
     Lots on my to do list today. Yes I am a lister! Cleaning inside and planting outside. Hope to get it all done but if not then there is tomorrow.
     Have a great day. Leave me a comment about how you dry your seeds. Thanks.

                                                                        April Whitehair

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