Tuesday, May 14, 2013

More Gardening

     Good morning. Everyone is awake in my house this morning. And the cats and dog are very hyper. I love to see happy, playing animals. Mom's Mother's Day gift that my husband and I got for her brought her much happiness yesterday evening. We got her a bird feeder and hung it in a tree in the back yard, in a good spot to see from inside, out the back windows. A big cardinal  showed up and ate his fill of bird seed. It made Mom smile and that is priceless. Hoping that lots of birds will stop by and Mom enjoys seeing them for a long time to come.
     Frost warning last night, covered up all the outside garden plants. Just uncovered them and they all look good. We are suppose to have warm weather from now on, I hope so. My husband is doing an experiment on the tomato plants. We have two tomato plants growing, one he put crushed egg shells around it and the other he is going to use Miracle-Gro. And we will see which does better. I am hoping that the egg shells will help produce good tomatoes. The last two years he has put Miracle-Gro on the tomato plants and we  got way to big plants that basically over grew the garden but the tomatoes produced were just normal size and amount.
     I am a little concerned about the green beans. They haven't started to grow. After making a string trellis I really hope that I have beans to grow up it. This whole growing a garden thing is a real test of my patience. It always seems I am waiting for something to start growing. Then they start to grow and I have to many. Oh the problems of a gardener. I am so happy with my garden this year. It makes me feel good to know that I can produce food for my family.
     Garden goal for today is to put more shredded paper around some of the plants for a weed blocker. What are you doing today in your garden?

                                                                      April Whitehair

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