Friday, May 24, 2013

Migraine Headache

     Migraine headache last night. So I am not fully awake this morning. I get migraines often and they are killers. I call them nauseous headaches. They make me sick and I wont be able to sleep till I vomit then put a ice pack on my neck. Then, like today, I have a hang over headache. Not an actual hangover. Just my brain feels like if I did any type of activity my headache would come back. So I plan on not doing much this morning.  Migraines are hereditary in my family. Mom has always had them. Even when she was a child she would get them. And boy she has some stories of teachers at school not believing her and saying that little kids don't get headaches so she vomited on her shoes! Love that one. Also my nieces get migraines. My 8 year old niece gets them pretty bad. Not sure about my nephews. I think it is just the girls in the family who are afflicted with them. I remember when I was a kid and mom would get them and one time my sisters were in school and it was just her and me at home and she needed to rest with an ice pack on her neck. So she kicked back on the couch and told me to stay with her so she could rest. I was little and got tried of playing quietly so I laid down on the floor at her feet and fell asleep. She woke up and could not see me and jumped up and stepped on me. Ouch! But poor mom surely her headache came back after that. Anyway I totally sympathize with those who get migraines. And you teachers out there, yes little kids can get migraines.
     My husband and I walked through the garden this morning. Everything is growing.  The beans are growing even though they had been chewed on by some sort of bug. My poor husband, his strawberry which was almost ripe yesterday had been eaten by something. We will have to build a fence around them to keep the critters out.
     Thinking about going back to bed and resting my brain a little longer. Just looking at this computer screen is making my head hurt. Have a good day.

                                                                   April Whitehair

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