Friday, June 14, 2013


     Good morning. Awake early this morning again. My cat woke me up being ornery. Well yesterday morning my cat Bob wouldn't come home when called so after getting Mom and myself ready to go to Bible school I went out to look for him. After a lot of yelling and searching I found him laying on the old house next door porch in the hay. He wouldn't get up to come to me. I worriedly yelled for my husband, he came out and picked him up. Bob cried and growled at him. After getting him inside I checked him from head to toe and noticed pain responses from his stomach and the base of his tail. He also wouldn't eat his treats, which he loves. I called the vet and the closest appointment was for the next day. I had to leave to go to Bible school, I had my Mom and my niece and nephew to get there and responsibilities there. I told my husband to call other vets in the area and see if he could find one that could see him earlier. I sadly had to leave my baby. It broke my heart. Once I got to church June, the Bible school director, told me to go home and take care of him, that they could take care of things at church. I felt so bad leaving Mom and all the kids there but I knew they would be taken care of. My husband was able to find an emergency vet to see Bob. We went as fast as we could. I am not even gone to tell you all the bad thoughts that I was thinking might have been wrong with him. After a check by the vet he found that Bob, poor baby Bob, was attacked probably by a stray cat. He had a bite mark at the base of his tail, it was bleeding and had pus. Bob had a temperature. He was given antibiotics, steroids, and fluids. And sent home to be cared for my worried Mommy and Poppy. And told to keep him inside all day till he felt better. I was able to go back to Bible school and help my class with their crafts. I am so grateful for all the help with my class yesterday while I had to be gone. After I got home my husband had to go to work so Bob and I stayed in our room and napped. Glad to say that he is up this morning and moving around much better. He still hasn't went outside and other than looking out the window he hasn't acted like he wants to go. I think he is scared. It just breaks my heart. I got him fixed when he was still little so we wouldn't have to worry about cat fights and him being out Tom catting. I had asked the Vet about this and he said no Bob was not fighting or he would have damage to his face, he was trying to get away from his attacker that is why his hind-in was hurt. That just brakes a momma's heart to hear. My poor baby, he was probably so scared. We was so scared for him. He is a well loved kitty.
     Last day of Bible school today. Lots to do this morning. Have a good day.

                                                                           April Whitehair

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