Friday, June 21, 2013

Just another day in my life.

     Good morning. Planning for a vacation is so much work. Not only do I have to pack for myself and my husband but I also have to pack for my Mom to go to my sisters. And get the house ready for visitors. And on and on. I can't wait to pull out of this driveway and put my whole life in the rear view window. My whole life except for my husband that is. I will be so good to just hang out with him and reconnect. But I will miss all my babies, cats, so much. I am worrying something awful about them already. I hope they get along ok with out us and I hope they are happy to see us when we return. I figure that we will have to give them lots a treats to make up for us being gone for so long. Well we are actually only going to be gone for four days. But four days to them will seem like a lifetime and to me as well.
     Garden check this morning is all good. Yesterday I weeded around the bird house gourd plants and have found more plants than I thought I had. Six in all. I moved them around, I hope by doing that it did not hurt them. They all look happy and healthy this morning. It will be interesting to see how they all progress while we are gone. I hope to return to a tomato big enough to fry. I love fried green tomatoes and can't wait to eat some fresh out of our garden. All the other plants are growing like crazy except for the baby strawberry plants, they are still so small. Maybe next year we will get some strawberries.
     Mom, I think has forgotten about her upcoming trip to her daughters. She didn't say anything about it yesterday. Which is good for me cause she was driving me crazy wanting to get dressed to go a week away from going. At least she has something to look forward to. And I hope she will relax while she is there and can enjoy herself. I think it will be good for her to get away from me and this house and do something different.
     So last night I was trying to charge my Kindle reader via usb on my laptop and it wasn't working. But it would work on my husbands laptop. So I tried to charge an old mp3 player and that didn't work either. Mind you this laptop is my baby and was a surprise Christmas gift from my husband this past Christmas. I had never tried to use any of the usb ports before. Well after a call to some far away land for tech support that ended in her telling me that she couldn't help. And a call to the laptop manufacturer company that ended in me yelling and cussing in the background. (Yes, I can and do have a potty mouth even though I try really hard not to.) Because he said the buttons he had my husband to push just erased everything on the computer. Seriously tell me you wouldn't be cussing as well. It tuned out to be that he just didn't understand the question for he was in a far away land and spoke very little English as well, like the first person. But that did not help and my poor baby laptop needs to see a 'Doctor', well needs to be sent away and get worked on. How am I suppose to live without it? I guess such problems are not actually as dire as I seem to think them as. But still! I guess I will have to decide if working usb ports are worth the loss of my laptop for a time. I am not sure, right now as I type my thoughts I think what do I need working usb ports for anyway.
     Have a good day.

                                                                 April Whitehair

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