Monday, June 3, 2013

Prepper or Homesteader?

     Good morning. I just had a nice walk through the garden with Mom and her dog, Lucky. And both of my ornery boy cats had to run alone and tease the dog. Oh what fun. I did find some more live slugs in the new areas of the garden that had just recently been planted. I must go out and use the slug killer on them this morning. I really need to find an organic way to kill slugs. Any ideas?
    The green bean plants that were snacked on by the slugs then were treated now have new pretty leaves. I am so glad that they are still alive after all the abuse they received. We have a lot of blooms on the tomato plants. I hate to admit it but the tomato plant that my husband used Miracle-Gro on is bigger and has more blooms than the one that I used compost and egg shells on. But I have a feeling that my tomatoes will taste better. That we shall see. All the rest of the garden is doing well.
     I have recently been thinking about the differences between prepping and homesteading. Prepping is of course preparing for something, and the way I do prepping is for an event of disaster. Homesteading has a couple meanings but the one I am thinking of is living a life of self-sufficiency. So while contemplating these words and there meanings I have realized that I am a homesteader by heart. This is something I feel drawn to. If you are a homesteader you will not feel the effects of certain disasters as bad. Of course there are things that could happen that would effect you like natural disasters and looters and violence but economic collapse would cause less damage if you did not dependend on the financial system for every aspect of your happiness. So how do I begin to live the life of a homesteader? How do I change my thoughts and feelings for the things I have grown up believing are necessities? I am not sure the answers to these question. I am a thinking person, I need lots of time to process my ideas before making the first step. I am a lister. I make lists for  everything. I love to visually see my accomplishments by marking them off a list. With that being said there seems to be lots to think about and to put on a new list. The beginner homesteader list. We shall see if all the thinking leads to something. Oh and also a lot of prayer is needed before starting any new endeavor. If God and my husband are by my side I know we can do anything.
     Have a good day.

                                                                 April Whitehair

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