Saturday, June 1, 2013

My thought on GMO's.

     Good morning. Setting here at my kitchen table drinking my morning cup of coffee having a good conversation with my wonderful husband. Our topic of conversation is GMO's. We are of like minds on the topic. Which is always good for a husband and wife to agree on something. We both feel like GMO's are BAD. I am not educated on all that but I do know if you modify something like our food supply it will affect those that eat it. I have been noticing the yellow jacket bees are a lot larger than they use to be years before. Also I have seen recently bees that look like two different types of bees combined  into one. What is the reason for all this and why are we (Earth) loosing so many honey bees? I read somewhere that the US lost 1/3 the honey bee population in one year. What is the reason? Is it pesticides? Is it modifying there food supply? Ok I don't have all the answers . But the next question would have to be what is the effect on people?  And seriously don't say none, it been proven safe. Really! How many things have been proven safe only to find out after many people are legally experimented on that there are bad consequences. Then there comes the lawsuits. You see them everyday on tv commercials. Just wait for the lawsuit for our food supply. I would love to produce all the food my family needs to survive but that is a large undertaking. I simply don't have the land needed to do that. A community group of like minded people would be necessary. I will have to search for such a group and if I cant find one then maybe I will start one. Humm something for me to think about. The only way the larger producers of our food supply will change is if we all stand together and fight for our right to have safe food. This will be something I will be looking into.
     And on another subject my husband an I both just ate our first two strawberries of the year, fresh out of our garden. It was very sour. My husband dipped his in sugar. I love the rewards of gardening.
     Have a good day.
                                                            April Whitehair

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