Saturday, June 29, 2013

     Good morning. I am up a little later than usual. Well actually I woke up early this morning with a headache, took some headache med and my husband got up and made me a pot of coffee and back to bed I went. My headache is gone now but my head feels a little off. Drinking more coffee and hoping that it doesn't return. My husband went to play golf, he deserves a break from all he does around here, a little time to himself. Hopefully he doesn't get rained out.
     Today's plan is to work on the garden. That is if it doesn't get to hot or rain to much. The tomato plants are getting lots of yellow leaves around the bottom of the plants. Probably from getting to much rain recently. We had to stake two of the banana pepper plants, never had to stake pepper plants before. Like I said to much rain. I have also noticed some white fluffy mold under the cucumber and sunflower plants. Not much I can do for that, we just need some sun without the rain for a few days.
     Short post today. I got lots to do. Hoping to get started before it gets to hot. Have a good day.

                                                                April Whitehair 

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