Thursday, June 13, 2013

June ! (The person not the month!)

     Good morning. I am so sleepy this morning. I hope this coffee kicks in soon. Today is the 4th day at Bible School. One more day after today, then there will be the program so the kids can show off their crafts to their parents. But lets just get through the last two days first. I am so enjoying Bible School. Last year and this year we have done it a little different than we had done in the past. Usually for Bible School the church would order the lesson books from what ever company( I'm not sure) but after several complaints from students and teachers that the books seemed childish and sometimes made absolutely no sense the wonderful leader of our Bible School, June, decided that she would write her own. Wow what an undertaking for her! My church is truly blessed to have her. We love you June! Last year she wrote and taught about the Bible. We, teachers and students, learned all kinds of things about the Bible that we never knew about before. It was very interesting and educational. This year she wrote lessons about the Christian Flag, the Pledge to the Bible, the Doxology, and I think today and tomorrow are about the Lords Prayer and Psalms 23. We so far have learned so much. Also another difference is that she will read and explain the lesson to all the children as a group then when we divide up and go to our own smaller groups, then we do our work books (June made those also). These lessons that she writes are wonderful. Never to long but very informative. She teaches in a way that includes all the students and some how keeps their attention. After doing the workbooks we start to work on crafts, that is always the highlight of the kids days. These crafts are mostly thought up by, you guessed it, June. She is very crafty! With her writing the lessons and planning the crafts she can make most of the crafts go along with the lessons each day. I have said it before and I will say it again how blessed we as a church are to have her. She was my Sunday school teacher, she was my Bible School teacher, and today she is my role model, cousin, and friend. She is someone who you can go to and talk about anything, and I mean anything, and she will help you through hard times, give encouragement, love, support and just be there for you no matter what. I myself have been blessed by knowing her. And I know that there are many many others like me who would say the same. No matter what I have done good or bad in my life, June has never appeared to have lost her love for me. I learned so much from her as her student in Sunday school. Those thing I have hid in my heart so that I could and did use later in my life. Thank you so much June for being you! There are not enough words to explain what you have done for all the children and adults that have been blessed to be in your life. Thank you again.
     I must go get Mom and myself ready for Bible School. Have a good day.

                                                                         April Whitehair

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