Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Time Capsule !

      Good morning. I would like to talk about this morning where I went last night. My husband and I went to my middle school. Twenty years ago a brand new middle school was built. I was in the first 7th grade class that attended the new school. Back then the faculty decided that we should bury a time capsule. All the homeroom classes took their own special pictures and a couple banners were made, along with a VCR tape, two 8 track tapes, two magazines, a yearbook, a tee shirt, and a few notes wrote by kids and teachers were in there. The time capsule its self was a large Rubbermaid drink holder, you know the type the big orange ones with the pour spouts. It was buried and a concrete slab placed over top of it. Once it was removed from the ground and opened it became apparent that there was a lot of water damage. I thought those things were suppose to be water proof, I guess not after being buried for 20 years. Anyway some of the stuff inside was ok. A lot of the pictures were damaged. I was in two of the pictures and though one was damaged I could still see the 7th grade me. Some of the original teachers were there. Even the choir teacher, Mrs. Davis, who was old way back then, was there last night and she didn't look like she had aged a day. What a beautiful woman. Well she had placed a cassette tape in the time capsule, with all the water damage to everything else we thought that there was no way it would work. After searching for a cassette tape player, one was found and the tape was inserted. And guess what, it worked just like it was yesterday that it was made. The beautiful voice of Mrs. Davis filled the room talking about how happy she was to be in the new school and how the choir she had that year was her favorite ever. After listening to her homeroom class recording their names and what they liked, a choir came on singing 'The Rose'. I looked at my husband and said one of those voices is mine. Everyone got teary eyed. Mrs. Davis definitely cried. After the song she read, on the tape, the names of those that were singing that song, and yes my name was there. It was so great, I cant even put into words how wonderful the evening was. I was able to talk to a lot of the teachers I had back then. And reminiscing with them was so great. I was able to thank them for all they did for me back then and the things they taught me that still stays with me to today. Sadly only nine of us student from back then show up. I wish more would have came. But the ones of us that did had a wonderful time. I would like to thank those that made last night possible. It is a night I will never forget. After they get all the stuff dried out they are going to put it in a display, behind glass in the schools library, for all to see. How wonderful. I would suggest burying a time capsule to anyone. Just please use something else that might not get water damage.
     I must go get ready for the third day of bible school. Have a good day.

                                                                     April Whitehair

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