Friday, June 7, 2013

Slugs again!

     Good morning. The garden check this morning showed some surprises. First is that there are baby pumpkin plants starting to poke their heads out of the dirt. And surprise, surprise there are several slugs in the pumpkin patch again. What ever am I going to do about them slugs. My husband bought and treated the garden with slug killer, I wrote about it in a past post, and it worked for a while and now they have returned. I wish I could ask my Mom or Dad if they had problems with slugs when they had gardens here and what they used to treat them. But sadly Dad has been gone almost ten years and Mom cant remember. I will continue to be on a slug killing mission. I will post about it if I ever find anything that works.
     Just received a call from a relative of Mom's, they are coming to visit this afternoon. I love having advanced notice of company coming. So I can get the house ready and get Mom presentable for company. Boy she will be happy to see them. Hope she remembers who they are and can sit around and relive some childhood memories.
     Today my wonderful husband finally gets to come home from working out of town most of the week. I miss him so much and so does all the animals and I think my Mom misses him also. There is so much to do today. So I shall go and get busy. Have a good day.

                                                                              April Whitehair

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