Sunday, June 23, 2013

Last day before vacation.

     Good morning. This is the last morning before we go on vacation. We are so excited. We had to do a last walk through of the garden. I hope they all grow and do ok while we are away. I also hope they get some rain while we are away so that my sisters wont have to worry about watering them. Last night I tied up some more of my tomato plant and recounted the tomatoes and I now have 13! That is more than my husband's plant. But he thinks if he would recount his he would have more. Oh well for right now I am in the lead. Yesterday we had sandwiches for lunch and we were able to put fresh, garden grown lettuce on them. I was the first thing we ate out of the garden and it tasted so good.
     I am so excited to get away. We will be camping, tent camping. We love it. We go to a state park just north of Virginia Beach. It is really nice there. This will make our third year going there. It has all the big city conveniences but with the campground feel. And just a short walk across the boardwalk to the beach. It is a private beach just for the campers that stay at the campground. We will be driving through the night, I want to see the sunrise on the beach in the morning. I think I have everything packed and ready. Mom is ready to go visit with her daughter. And my husband can barely contain his excitement. We will miss our babies, cats, so much. It is so sad to think about not seeing them for four days. I am so worried about them. I know I will cry when we leave. Yes I am a crier, I cry about everything. I hope they have a good time and be safe and are happy to see us when we return.
     As I said yesterday I probably wont post much while away. But you can be sure that there will be lots of stories and pictures when we return to our normal life. Have a good day. I bet I will.

                                                               April Whitehair 

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