Thursday, June 20, 2013

     Good morning. Mom is still asleep so it is coffee for one this morning.  Garden check went well. I have many blooms on the cucumber plants but no cucumbers yet. If every bloom makes a cucumber then there will be lots. My husband noticed last night that we have pea pods! This is the first year that I have grown peas, I am so excited about getting to eat my home grown peas. I still have only three tomatoes on my plant and my husband has at least eleven. So not fair! And the green beans are climbing like crazy. I guess the string trellis I made is working just fine. Now on to the curshaw pumpkins, I had planted at least 25-50 seeds over a month ago, but where I planted them may not have been a great location. There is a lot of weeds so I cant tell if any are growing or not. So I decided about three days ago that I would start some inside to see if the seeds are good or not. Some are in wet paper towels and some are in dirt. None have started yet. The ones under paper towels look like they are plumping but no growth yet. I am afraid that they are bad seeds. These seeds are the ones that Mom had saved from years ago. Like my husband always says I need to have patience.
     Yesterday I wrote about West Virginia, my wonderful home. I think I should have wrote that today because today is West Virginia's 150th birthday. But I really have little control what I write about. I never plan what I am going to write. I just set down and type what is in my mind on that morning. I do have a list, yes I am a lister, of topics I would like to some day write about but if I don't feel it then I don't write it. Some mornings the only thing I can write is about my garden, some mornings I feel the need to write about my Mom or family or other topics. I once decided that I would get ahead of the game and write one the night before, well that turned out bad. I have never posted it and probably never will. It was just plan bad. My nighttime creativeness consists mostly of bad thoughts and evilness. Not things I want to put forth to the world. Even it those things that I had wrote about may be true it was wrote about with an evil heart. The next morning when I reread what I wrote I was a little surprised at myself. I also have been thinking about not posting at all when I am on vacation, it is a vacation after all, but my husband thinks I should. So we shall see how I am feeling and thinking when it gets here. Only 3 more days then its beach time! I have so much left to do to get ready before we leave.
     Have a good day.

                                                               April Whitehair

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